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US-7647397-B2: Method and apparatus for modifying remote devices monitored by a monitoring system patent, US-8115902-B2: Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, maintenance method, and exposure method patent, US-8030475-B2: Inhibitors of retroviral reverse transcriptase patent, US-7679462-B2: Apparatus and method for producing electromagnetic oscillations patent, US-8125929-B2: Method and apparatus for advertising border connection information of autonomous system patent, US-8524166-B2: Stent and delivery system with reduced chemical degradation including a Chitooligosaccharide patent, US-7086477-B2: Tubing expansion tool patent, US-8244633-B1: System, method, and business method for settling micropayment transactions to a pre-paid instrument patent, US-8061727-B2: Self-propelled vehicle propelled by an elliptical drive train with adjustable stride length mechanism patent, US-7556355-B2: Inkjet nozzle arrangement with electro-thermally actuated lever arm patent, US-7261738-B2: C-shaped disc prosthesis patent, US-8555906-B2: Hubs for shade structures patent, US-7936445-B2: Altering pattern data based on measured optical element characteristics patent, US-8101643-B2: Benzimidazole derivatives patent, US-8504008-B1: Virtual control panels using short-range communication patent, US-7708730-B2: Template system for multi-reservoir implantable pump patent, US-6938018-B2: Method and apparatus for a modular postage accounting system patent, US-7993280-B2: Rapid shallow breathing detection for use in congestive heart failure status determination patent, US-7743551-B2: Pest control apparatus and systems patent, US-6987113-B2: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors patent, US-7081084-B2: Modular power system and method for a heart wall actuation system for the natural heart patent, US-8266046-B2: System and method for using diversification spreading for risk offset patent, US-6958318-B2: Recombinant bacterial cells for delivery of PNP to tumor cells patent, US-8173644-B2: 3-substituted-[1,2,3]-benzotriazinone compound for enhancing glutamatergic synaptic responses patent, US-7927254-B2: Recreational structure using a sleeve-joint coupling patent, US-8244668-B1: Workflow administration tools and user interfaces patent, US-8321432-B2: System and method for filtering electronic messages using business heuristics patent, US-8189043-B2: Hand-held visual inspection device for viewing confined or difficult to access locations patent, US-7209573-B2: Substituting images in copies based on digital watermarks patent, US-7680178-B2: Cross-correlation detection and elimination in a receiver patent, US-8606720-B1: Secure storage of payment information on client devices patent, US-6955650-B2: Metabolic calorimeter employing respiratory gas analysis patent, US-7835808-B2: Method and apparatus for processing material patent, US-8201149-B1: System and method for remote execution of a debugging utility using a remote management module patent, US-8088813-B2: 3′-[(2Z)-[1-(3,4-dimethylphenyl)-1,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-4H-pyrazol-4-ylidene]hydrazino]-2′-hydroxy-[1,1′-biphenyl]-3-carboxylic acid bis-(monoethanolamine) patent, US-8533994-B2: Method for wrapping a floral grouping patent, US-8595368-B2: Method and system for providing mobility management in a network patent, US-7250051-B2: Method and apparatus for tissue ablation patent, US-7497857-B2: Endocardial dispersive electrode for use with a monopolar RF ablation pen patent, US-8353525-B2: Pyrotechnic tether release assembly with a break-away piston for inflatable airbags patent, US-8425545-B2: Cordless hand-held ultrasonic cautery cutting device and method patent, US-7799576-B2: Isobaric labels for mass spectrometric analysis of peptides and method thereof patent, US-8032439-B2: System and method for process scheduling patent, US-8401987-B2: Managing validation models and rules to apply to data sets patent, US-7483915-B2: Systems and method for representing relationships between units of information manageable by a hardware/software interface system patent, US-8150509-B2: Systems and methods for drug therapy enhancement using expected pharmacodynamic models patent, US-8514146-B2: Single-layer metallization and via-less metamaterial structures patent, US-8394143-B2: Selectively expanding spine cage, hydraulically controllable in three dimensions for enhanced spinal fusion patent, US-7151688-B2: Sensing of resistance variable memory devices patent, US-8074092-B2: System, architecture, and method for logical server and other network devices in a dynamically configurable multi-server network environment patent, US-7882921-B2: Collision air bag and flotation system patent, DE-1647811-U: Blendungsfreie beleuchtungsvorrichtung fuer schminkspiegel. patent, US-7745394-B2: Monomethylvaline compounds capable of conjugation to ligands patent, US-8618130-B2: Selective serotonin 2A/2C receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases patent, US-8633886-B2: Display panel having crossover connections effecting dot inversion patent, US-7730094-B2: Scoped access control metadata element patent, US-8599473-B2: Pulsed laser sources patent, US-7938841-B2: Components, systems and methods for forming anastomoses using magnetism or other coupling means patent, US-7996105-B2: Medicament dispensing authorization patent, US-7907253-B2: Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device patent, US-8498712-B2: Obstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, systems and methods patent, US-8123807-B2: Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine patent, US-8029518-B2: Methods and devices for capturing and fixing leaflets in valve repair patent, US-8478525-B2: Methods, apparatus, and systems for analyzing use of a marking device by a technician to perform an underground facility marking operation patent, US-8054140-B2: Low voltage oscillator for medical devices patent, US-684066-A: Hair-retaining comb. patent, US-685089-A: Propeller. patent, US-686770-A: Distance instrument. patent, US-692680-A: Button-sewing machine. patent, US-694874-A: Transfer and hinge for evaporating-pans. patent, US-697020-A: Means for hanging screens. patent, US-709646-A: Bean-separator. patent, US-712724-A: Display-board for seed-packages. patent, US-712867-A: Tobacco-pipe. patent, US-717597-A: Pen or pencil attachment. patent, US-718979-A: Hypodermic syringe. patent, US-719309-A: Filter. patent, US-723085-A: Pole or post. patent, US-723834-A: Steel or other metal rolling. patent, US-725407-A: Fruit-jar. patent, US-726803-A: Calculating-machine. patent, US-727391-A: Condenser. patent, US-731632-A: Apparatus for casting bearings. patent, US-732344-A: Steam-generator. patent, US-73258-A: Improved beige-machine patent, US-737582-A: Resilient multiple-contact trolley-wheel. patent, US-737653-A: Power-transmitter. patent, US-74399-A: mcmahatf patent, US-744761-A: Filter-press. patent, US-752088-A: Cover for earthen chamber vessels patent, US-756551-A: Terminal for parcel-conveyers. patent, US-761046-A: Automatic switch mechanism for railways. patent, US-76106-A: Improvement in stop-cooks patent, US-76235-A: Thomas jst e y i s patent, US-772602-A: Mattress. patent, US-772627-A: Pipe and tobacco box. patent, US-773439-A: Hydrant. patent, US-776594-A: Dumping-wagon. patent, US-779132-A: Extensible chandelier. patent, US-785743-A: Clamping device. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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